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Tons of header customization feature in this theme. This section helps you to know about this properly.

 Header Overview

Please select the header variations option in Appearance > Theme Options > Header Options > Menu Layout. This theme contains 12 header style with tons of combinations.

Header Logo: You want to know about customizing Logo, Please verify this section for further details here

Main Navigation, Left and Right Navigation: Most of the header variations are using Main navigation and Centered Logo Headers using two navigations( Left Navition and Right Navigation ). Please verify this section to know about navigation here

Left Side and Right Side Element: For adding or modifying this section, Please go to Appearance > Theme Options > Header Builder > Main Header

8.2.2 Top Header

Top header really helps to display some short information in header area.

For enabling this top header, You can do so by simply navigating to the Appearance > Theme Options > Header Options > Show Top Header?

After enable top header, Top Header Position option and Top Header Background Style options displaying below. You can choose wherever you want to display wheather its top or bottom and choose how it looks?.

Lot of option here to add in top header using header builder. Use the drag and drop builder to enable and position of the top header elements. For accesing this option, Please go to Appearance > Theme Options > Header Builder > Top Header

Few of the things have a options to changing text, URL and style.

Custom Text, Telephone, Email and Social Icons: For those options you can edit the values in Appearance > Theme Options > Top Header

Menu: For Menu you can add the menu in Appearance > Menu and choose the menu location as Top Header Nav


Woocommerce Cart: Please make sure you active the Woocommerce plugin, if you did it ll display.

Search: You can change the search form placeholder text using this option Appearance > Theme Options > General > Search Text

WPML Languages: Please make sure you active the WPML plugin. You can also change WPML selector styles as well. Please go to Appearance > Theme Options > Header Options

Header Styling Options

You can change the text color, background color, link and hover color of the header, top header and menu. For customizing the styling, please go to Appearance > Theme Options > Header Builder > Custom Header Styles Please turn on the options and customize header style whatever you want.



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