Page layouts

It contains 5 page layouts such as Fullwidth, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Left Navigation, Right Navigation. For accessing the page layout, You can do so by simply navigating to the Page > Add New.

In the below of the page, you can see Page Options. In the Page Options Tab please select the Layout

  1. Full Width: The fullwidth layout is the default layout for the theme and it displays your content with a white background through out.
  2. Left Sidebar/Right Sidebar: Both layout oocupies two third part of left/right widget area. Below Select Sidebar option helps you to change sidebar for particular page. Default sidebar is Primary Sidebar in widget area ( Appearance > Widgets ). For clear, view attached below images.
  3. Left Nav/Right Nav: Both layout occupies two third part of left/right menu list area. Below Left Side Navigation/Right Side Navigation option helps you to change naviation for particular page. Default navigation is Left Nav/Right Nav in menu settings ( Appearance > Menu ). For clear, view attached below images.


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